“Keep on truckin’. Burt must be so proud!”

– Nick Mclean, Director of Photography

“Very impressive actor.”

– Martha Coolidge, Director

“Andrea is a talented and professional thespian who brings her own unique perspective to any role in which she is cast. She is an asset to any production in which she appears.”

– Peter Shindler, Executive Producer

“Andrea is always very professional. She is well prepared for her performances and is a pleasure to have on the set.”

– Kim Dawson, President of Possibility Pictures

“Andrea is a very talented actress who starred in a play I wrote which was produced in Los Angeles and subsequently published by Samuel French. She was always professional and well prepared, took direction well, and was a pleasure to work with. She was consistently applauded by audience members and critics as well.”

– Linda Felton Steinbaum

“Andrea is a very talented professional actor, and a lovely human being. She would be an asset to any project.”

– Louis Tyrrell, Producing Director, Florida Stage

“Andrea is a true pro. She always gives a great performance, is very versatile and she’s a joy to work with.”

– Jim Gallagher, KoMar Productions

“Andrea is a wonderful talent. Takes directions well, and is very willing to do what ever is need to make the project a success. She is always on time and is well liked by clients, talent and crew. A real professional.”

– Don Braca

“You are an extraordinary actress. You made it all work the way it’s supposed to work. You’ve been so ideal to work with. I think you’re terrific. What a beauty with a brain.”

– M Briggs, Director

“I love your work and you can bet you will be called in for anything I do in the future.”

– Arturo Castillo, Director

“Andrea brings passion for the art and craft of acting and joy for life to all her work. She is tireless in her investigation into character and willing to “let it all go” in the immediate work ‘tween actors. Her high standards for truthful human behavior in acting sets her apart from her competition focused on emotional posing. I look forward to working with her again.”

– Marc Durso

“Andrea Conte is a true professional. She is extremely talented, confident, and fearless. I admire her dedication and drive.”

– Sharon Martin

“You sure are staying beautiful!”

– Antoni Corone

“Congratulations. The site reflects the high level of professionalism that you approach your craft and this industry with. May you find much success and fulfillment in your future endeavors.”

– Christine Donalds, Universal Casting